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3 Carpet Cleaners That Won’t Harm Your Dog

Posted on April 1, 2022

Everyone wants a fresh-smelling home that feels clean and welcoming to all, and that includes dogs too. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by frequently cleaning your carpets. But you cannot just use any method and expect it to be effective. There are safe ways you can clean your carpet that will not harm your dog.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, what would make a product less harmful? Why not use generic cleaners? Because there are certain carpet cleaning services that are healthier for your dog. More specifically, you need to be aware of what chemicals are being used. Unnatural cleaning solutions can be detrimental for not only a dog but everyone else in your home, whether they walk on two legs or four.

These recommendations are not exclusive to dog owners either. Safe cleaning methods are beneficial for every home. But the purpose of having a furry pet is to treat them with tender care, which means you should take advantage of these three carpet cleaners that won’t harm your dog:

  1. Homemade Spot Cleaners
  2. Organic Cleaners
  3. Steam Cleaning

Sticking to this condensed list of carpet cleaning options will ensure your dog is protected. It only takes some basic knowledge to follow these safety measures and have your carpets in prime condition!

1. Homemade Spot Cleaners

The obvious need for safe carpet cleaning when you have a dog is because of how low to the ground they are. Dogs being four-legged creatures puts them in close proximity to the floor at all times. You can limit their exposure to dangerous chemicals by concocting your own homemade carpet spot cleaners.

These are ideal for treating individual carpet stains and spills right after they happen. For example, maybe you spilled some coffee or food on the carpet, and you need to clean it up immediately. A homemade spot cleaner is perfect for this situation and only requires a few materials.

Any combination of soap and warm water is an effective cleaner on its own, but for something a bit more potent, you can always add white vinegar. Although its smell can be off-putting and pungent, there are no chemical dangers to dogs when white vinegar is diluted into a spot treatment.

Diluted, meaning you are not putting pure vinegar on the stain but mixing it with warm water and soap. If you forget to do this, do not worry. The worst-case scenario is your dog could have an upset stomach if it ingests a large amount. This is an unlikely result because you are only using the vinegar in small doses to treat a single spill.

Another key ingredient to any homemade spot carpet cleaner is baking soda. This is a completely safe substance for your dog and works well to absorb odors trapped inside carpet fibers. Simply pour the baking soda on the stain after you have cleaned it with the water, soap, or vinegar, let it sit for a few minutes, and then vacuum it up!

2. Organic Cleaners 

In general, organic materials are better in most situations. Whether it is eating organic foods for the better of your health or using organic carpet cleaners in your home, taking an approach is also optimal for dogs. The easiest way to get started is by checking the label.

All cleaning products are labeled with the entirety of their ingredients. Always be on the lookout for labels that list natural ingredients and items you are familiar with. Whenever you see something that feels unnecessary to be in a cleaning product, do some research. There are plenty of resources out there that can adequately tell you if a specific chemical is harmful to your dog.

3. Steam Cleaning

One of the most effective and safe carpet cleaning methods people resort to for keeping their dogs protected is steam cleaning. A specialized machine is used to generate steam mixed with a cleaning solution in order to clean the carpet. Now, the important part is making sure the cleaning solution does not contain hazardous chemicals.

Sometimes the best way to ensure this is by hiring a professional carpet cleaner that uses eco-friendly products. The reason you may need to seek outside help is because the process can get a little tricky. You first have to know how to properly steam clean carpet, and then you also need to have the equipment.

Since the average household does not own a steam cleaner, it will be easier to call a trusted professional. Luckily, there are carpet cleaning services in La Habra ready on standby to respond to your call the minute you need them.

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