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4 Carpet Cleaning Tips For New Parents

Posted on October 28, 2022

Parenting is certainly one of the most rewarding adventures you can embark on. But with adventure comes risk. Many things are probably causing a bit of stress to think about now that you have a child, so we will try not to add too much with our carpet cleaning tips for new parents.

1. Clean Your Carpet

Because your child is going to be crawling around, they are going to come in much closer (and exposed) contact with your carpet. That means whatever is on your carpet is going to get on them. Start by being concerned by your dirty carpet’s effect on your child, and not the other way around.

As soon as your child develops any level of autonomy, call a professional carpet cleaner. You want any surface your child will interact with to be clean. You certainly do not want allergens or mold getting on your baby’s hands or feet, which inevitably end up in their mouth.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning

You should be careful about how you go about cleaning your carpet. The DIY methods of cleaning and department store chemicals can have irritants and harmful effects. That is why you need expert carpet cleaning in San Bernardino, which uses green cleaning methods.

In this case, “green cleaning” refers to cleaning methods that have no deleterious environment (in a global context). But as a result of not being generally harmful to nature, it is also not harmful to your more immediate home environment. After the carpet dries, there will be no lingering risk for your child.

3. Address Stains ASAP

The longer you let a stain set, the harder it will be to remove. So if your child makes a mess, it is a good idea to pick up the phone and get experienced cleaning technicians out to your location as soon as possible. Just be sure that the company you use for carpet cleaning offers same-day appointments.

If you cannot get a carpet cleaner out immediately for some reason, and even if they are minutes away, it is still a good idea to take a few steps yourself. With an appointment inbound, you can ask for some advice on limiting the spread of the stain or absorbing what you can.

4. Limit Risky Carpet Interactions

As popular as it may be these days to raise free-range children, ethical structure and limitations have been proven to be good for both children and carpets. By limiting the areas where kids play with markers, drink sugary liquids, and use gunky toys like Play-Doh, you can protect the carpeted areas of a home.

If you can avoid needing a steam cleaning service for emergencies, then you are really taking care of your floor coverings. You can even reduce the normal wear by having no-shoe policies for carpeted rooms. All of these things will extend the life of your carpet.

Final Thoughts

You can just have these things in the back of your head and develop policies that make carpet care second nature. Your first step is finding a carpet cleaning company you can trust. We might be a bit biased, but our recommendation would be United Carpet Cleaning. We have the experience and tools you need for the best carpet cleaning.

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