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Best Places For An Area Rug In Your Home

Posted on December 30, 2022

Placement of your area rugs inside a home or apartment has a direct correlation with rug cleaning in San Bernardino. Rugs are decorative pieces that should make their presence visible and carry a specific purpose for every room. The only way to truly ensure your rugs do this is by hiring United for professional rug cleaning in San Bernardino.

A quality rug should match the essence of each room, whether that means blending into its surroundings or being the center of attention. Either way, your rugs can benefit from rug cleaning in San Bernardino, and United delivers the most reliable service in the community. We also offer sound advice when it comes to rug placement in your living space. 

United’s San Bernardino rug cleaning experience extends beyond eco-friendly cleaning solutions and operating equipment, we can explain the benefits of having an area rug in the three main areas of your home. These rooms are in no particular order as all of them make for great places to have an area rug!

1. Bedroom

Bedroom rugs provide a nice counterbalance to the rest of your bedroom’s furniture. Generally, your bedroom will have a mattress sitting on top of a bed frame. (And that mattress might need some mattress cleaning.) From there, perhaps there’s a desk and chair of some kind and maybe a dresser too. Rugs will complement all of these pieces appropriately, as well as rug cleaning in San Bernardino. The biggest thing you’ll need to decide on is size.

The size of your bedroom rug depends on the size of your bed and bed frame. Larger rugs will look nicer alongside larger beds, it’s a simple concept. As far as placement in the bedroom, a popular choice is putting the rug slightly underneath the bed and then having it extend outward. This maximizes space inside your room and gives you a soft landing spot right next to your bed! 

2. Living Room

As we just mentioned with placing bedroom rugs, size plays an important part. Your rugs have to fit to scale comfortably and make sense visually. Living rooms vary greatly in size, so we’re going to break this down into 3 different sections: small, medium, and large. 

  • Small Living Rooms: Rugs for smaller living rooms appear nicer when they’re smaller themselves. It helps with optics because your eyes are telling you everything in the room is relative in size to one another. Tucking your rug underneath a coffee table or underneath a small side table will also provide balance.
  • Mid-Sized Living Rooms: Average-sized rooms that aren’t too small or too large should also have mid-sized rugs. However, the key difference here will be where that rug is placed. Rather than finding a small piece of furniture, locate the biggest couch or loveseat and anchor the rug around it!
  • Large Living Rooms: Bigger living rooms allow for more flexibility with rug placement. Generally, you have two options. First, you could purchase one big rug to lay underneath all your furniture. The second option is splitting your room up into multiple sections and choosing a different rug that fits each. 

Living room size plays an important role in how you want your home to look. Rug placement shifts the design of your living room and gives you the freedom to mix and match colors and patterns. But no matter which rugs you decide to go with, United’s rug cleaning in San Bernardino will have them smelling fresh and looking pristine!

3. Dining Room 

People debate over putting an area rug in the dining room, especially in newer homes. Does it make sense? What’s the practical use of a rug where people are eating? The truth is, dining room rugs are perfectly acceptable and look great! The only thing you need to do is make sure it’s proportional to your dining room table. 

United has seen dining room rugs of all different varieties while rug cleaning in San Bernardino. It adds a nice touch to your home and showcases the room in an elegant way. Dining room rugs are also easy to maintain when you call United Carpet Cleaning for San Bernardino rug cleaning today. We’ll give you a free quote and find a time that fits into your busy schedule.

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